Performance Improvement Consultant & Trainer



Dana Guillory is the Founder and Senior Motivational Consultant of POTENTIAL REALIZED. She is an Army Veteran that has always believed in the power of potential and what it can empower an individual to accomplish once they realize and embrace it. She is an avid fitness professional who takes great pride in her client's accomplishments as well as her own. As a public speaker, facilitator and consultant, she has motivated thousands to make not only behavioral changes, but adapt lifestyle changes. Through her passionate delivery, Dana captivates and impacts her audience. Her dynamic, down to earth, open and honest personality allow for memorable audience take-aways and great content that aligns with the overall message. As a consultant, her key focus is on the integration of ideas, strategies, experiences, accountability, positive reinforcement and communication throughout the change process. Dana’s approach encourages one’s best practices and continuous improvement at the personal, group and organizational levels. Possessing an adaptive communications style and ability to draw out connections has proven powerful in her role as a personal trainer, group facilitator, individual coach and mentor, advisor and corporate executive consultant. Dana has partnered with a diverse range of clients, customers and organizations within the public and private sectors. This includes multinational organizations, federal agencies and nonprofit organizations. Dana’s educational accomplishments include earning a Master’s degree in Performance Improvement and certification as a Personal Trainer. She has also completed degrees and certification programs in Organizational Management, Security Management, and Senior Human Resources Management. In 2016, she was inducted into the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW), receiving their Woman of the Year award. In early December 2017 she earned the title of Certified Veteran Fitness Operative (CVFO) through the FitOps Foundation. Through her partnership with the FitOps Foundation, she has helped impact the lives of other Veterans by facilitating their educational experience in becoming Certified Personal Trainers. Dana has earned inclusion into the esteemed Continental Who's Who organization and was awarded the Pinnacle Professional of the Year award for her accomplishments. As a result of this honor, there will be a permanent place for her in the Library of Congress. Most recently, Dana received the Outstanding Graduate of the Year award from Grantham University. In addition, Dana is a Nationally Qualified and 3 time bodybuilding champion. In her personal life Dana is married to her husband, Jon, and has three children. She also has a love for her community which is displayed by the countless hours she has spent volunteering her time at events advocating for our country's Veterans, ALS and cancer research.