Our Mission is...

Potential Realized (PR) is Veteran-owned and 100% devoted to the realization and development of human potential.  Our mission is to create inventive, fresh solutions, help others make knowledgeable choices in order to improve their businesses  or renew their motivation.  We are dedicated to inspiring ideas, motivating decisions and encouraging change in order for others to not only achieve their own personal and professional fulfillment, but to prosper.  We understand that everyone has their own PR and we will work tirelessly to helping each and every client find, achieve and maintain theirs. We believe that bringing out the best in EACH of us enriches ALL of us. 


Motivational Speaking


Is your organization, business or group losing their motivation for productivity? Do you want to renew their commitment to themselves and their network of friends, coworkers and community? 

Our professional and personal experiences allow for diverse stories of survival, determination and success. The ability to connect to all ages, genders, professions and abilities has proven to be inspirational and motivational. 

As a public speaker, facilitator and coach, thousands have been captivated and impacted. The dynamic delivery coupled with the understanding that speakers are the vital engines that keep audiences and attendees interested and engaged, allow for memorable audience take-aways and great content that aligns with the overall message.

Personal Training


Have you decided to start working out, but don't know how or where to begin? Are you finding yourself unmotivated, frustrated, intimidated in the gym or on the track? DON'T WORRY! Everyone goes through a time during which they ask "Can I?", "How do I?", "Should I?". At Potential Realized, we understand those emotions and can help you navigate through those uncertain times. We start by having meaningful conversation to find what is important to you before we start setting goals and creating action plans. Our plans are ones that you can follow and hold you accountable by helping you stay motivated and reminding you of your goals. We will be there with you for the entire process - before, during and after. We provide in-person and remote services. Contact us for a free consultation today!

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