A certified Veteran- and woman- owned business that focuses on the self-realization of human potential and the development of human capital.  PR creates solutions that assist in applying positive changes, increasing productivity, developing and maintaining successful programs, and renewing motivation.  

At PR, we believe that bringing out the best in each of us enriches all of us.

Motivational Speaking


  Have you noticed a change in your organization's culture?  Tapping into professional and personal experiences allows for diverse stories of survival, determination and success.  The ability to connect to all ages, genders, professions and abilities has proven to be inspirational and motivational.  As a dynamic public speaker, facilitator, trainer and coach, thousands have been captivated and impacted.

Personal Training


We team up with individuals and businesses to create long-lasting  behavioral changes.  Whether you are new to fitness, in need of rehab after an injury, a business that wants employees to have healthier habits, or simply want to continue your current level of fitness, we are here for you.  Through a short survey  and assessment, we will develop a personalized fitness program designed just for you or your staff.